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Fun Introduction to CHIPINO
Posted by Administrator on 4/6/2012

Introduction to CHIPINO
by: howtronics

LarryDeV Date 11/29/2012
Are there manuals for CHIPINO and the various PICKits that describe the "how to" of each and examples of options for projects? If not a specific manual for CHIPINO are there a set of general reference manuals for use with it?
Howtronics team Date 11/30/2012
You can download the CHIPINO manual from our download section which includes a few getting started projects. We also recommend Chuck Hellebuyck's series of books Beginner's Guide to Embedded C Programming especially volume 3 which creates the SimpleC library for CHIPINO. Since CHIPINO is pure PIC and uses a PICkit 2 programmer, any code for the PIC16F886 written in PICBASIC, HI-TECH C, CCS C, etc. can be used with CHIPINO. So there are lots of potential projects all over the web but we don't cu
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