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New CHIPINO Version 2.2 Released
Posted by Administrator on 12/23/2012
New CHIPINO version 2.2 with pin 13 LED

Chipino has gone through a minor upgrade with a new pin 13 LED feature added. Now you can test it quickly without adding a shield or any external components. The LED circuitry also has a trace between two mounting holes so it can be cut and a jumper put in its place. That way you can use a jumper to enable or disable the pin 13 LED function. All boards ship with the LED and circuit board trace in place.

All CHIPINO Modules, Kits and Starter Packages now ship with CHIPINO version 2.2.
David Lines Date 10/27/2014
Move over Arduino they have the Microchip selection on board. Just started this weekend I have analog set-point control up and running on the chipino with demo sheild. multi colored LEDs make it look real. Codeing was easy modifying Chucks simpleC. I see projects getting done using this platform as a test bed.
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